Solaris Midstream works with producers to reduce operating costs and improve oilfield logistics by enhancing the procurement and delivery of frac supply water and the transportation, handling and disposal of produced water and flowback volumes. We also seek to partner with producers to construct pipelines that improve basin-specific water economics.

Water Supply Sourcing & Delivery

Solaris understands that the most expensive water in the oil patch is the water that never arrives. With that in mind, we are building new storage and pipeline infrastructure to improve access to large volumes of water in the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford Shale. By delivering water to large central facilities and directly to wellpads through pipelines instead of relying on trucks, Solaris Midstream can help producers lower drilling and completion costs, raise operational efficiency while completing high-volume fracs and improve health, safety and environmental conditions in the oilfield. 

Produced Water, Flowback Gathering & Transportation

As the industry continues to complete larger fracs, Solaris Midstream stands ready to safely and reliably gather and transport significant produced water and flowback volumes directly from wellpads to disposal wells. We have existing infrastructure and are building out new produced water pipelines to take trucks off the road, increase transportation reliability and improve produced water economics for producers. Eliminating callout trucks from produced water transportation can lower operating costs, increase operational efficiency, eliminate administrative burdens and relieve traffic congestion and road damage. 

We actively pursue partnerships with producers that enable them to focus on what they do best — exploration and production — while we complete a pipeline project that will further drive long-term value creation. Our pipelines decrease reliance on trucking services while providing attractive economies of scale and improved health, safety and environmental conditions for producers. 

Wastewater Disposal & Reuse

Solaris has extensive experience operating SWDs across the Delaware and Midland basins and the Eagle Ford Shale. We are in the process of building pipelines to connect multiple disposal wells in these key shale plays to improve disposal logistics and lower costs for our customers. Solaris can also assist producers in creating cost-effective wastewater recycling plans, enabling producers to reuse wastewater volumes as supply water for future fracs.