Midland Basin Systems

Solaris Water Midstream operates extensive integrated produced water gathering, transportation, disposal, and recycling systems in Midland, Martin, Dawson and Howard Counties in the Midland Basin.  Solaris Water’s Midland Basin operations are supported by significant acreage dedications from numerous oil and gas producers. The Midland Basin systems include approximately 85 miles of pipelines, two recycling facilities capable of recycling 25,000 barrels per day each, and connections to eleven disposal wells with in excess of 100,000 barrels per day of disposal capacity.  To support further expansion of its Midland Basin systems, Solaris Midstream has obtained and applied for permits for numerous additional disposal wells that would be connected to its ever-expanding pipeline network.

Delaware Basin Systems

Solaris’ Pecos Star System in the Delaware Basin currently has approximately 50 miles of permanent pipelines transporting produced, recycled and fresh water supply and connections to multiple disposal wells in operation, under construction or in permitting.  The Pecos Star system spans the northern sections of Culberson and Loving counties in Texas and across Eddy and Lea Counties in New Mexico. The system will ultimately have approximately 300 miles of large diameter produced water and water supply pipelines and wells along with connections to dozens of disposal and recycling facilities, providing an extensive high capacity, redundant offtake and supply solution to multiple oil and gas operators in the basin.  Additional systems are under development in the Delaware Basin, which will have similar service offerings as the Pecos Star System.